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Kamree Lip Scrub (Rambutan, Dates & Liquorice)
  • Rs. 199.00
  • Rs. 179.00


Kamree Natural Cucumber With Vitamin C Face Toner for Tightens pores - 100 ml
  • Rs. 220.00
  • Rs. 187.00


Kamree Hair Growth Shampoo
  • Rs. 280.00
  • Rs. 238.00


Kamree Shea Butter Cleansing Milk (Blue Lotus, Green Tea & Aloe vera)
  • Rs. 299.00
  • Rs. 275.00


Kamree Oil-Free Anti Acne Face Wash (Neem, Tulsi & Aloe Vera)
  • Rs. 320.00
  • Rs. 275.00


Kamree Vitamin-C Face Wash (Kojic Acid)
  • Rs. 350.00
  • Rs. 300.00


Kamree Lip Plumper (Beewax, Raw Mango, Paprika & Mint)
  • Rs. 349.00
  • Rs. 314.00


Kamree Yogurt & Amla Body Wash (Labdanum & Patchouli)
  • Rs. 399.00
  • Rs. 319.00
Food & Nutrition
Healthy Butters
Protein Powder

Ayurvedic Medicine

Cultivating Ideas for Better health.


Kamree Testosterone - Ayurvedic
  • Rs. 499.00
  • Rs. 399.00


Kamree Liver Care & Detox - Ayurvedic
  • Rs. 699.00
  • Rs. 594.00


Kamree PCOS Ayurvedic
  • Rs. 450.00
  • Rs. 360.00


Kamree Ashwagandha - Ayurvedic
  • Rs. 699.00
  • Rs. 559.00

Daily Nutrition

You are what you eat, so eat right.


Kamree Spirulina
  • Rs. 399.00
  • Rs. 319.00


Kamree Fat Burner - Lean Muscle
  • Rs. 550.00
  • Rs. 440.00


Kamree Biotin 10,000 mcg + Amla 350 mg
  • Rs. 699.00
  • Rs. 559.00


Kamree Yohimbeni
  • Rs. 1,150.00
  • Rs. 920.00

Essential oil


Kamree Patchouli Essential Oil
  • Rs. 220.00
  • Rs. 202.00


Kamree Lavender Essential Oil
  • Rs. 190.00
  • Rs. 174.00


Kamree Ylang Ylang Essential Oil
  • Rs. 210.00
  • Rs. 168.00


Kamree Tea Tree Essential Oil
  • Rs. 199.00
  • Rs. 183.00

#Happyree Customers

When our clients express their hearts out!!

A wonderful product from Kamree. The body wash has amazed me with its soft texture and mild smell perfect for my sensitive skin. It decently cleanses dirt and pollutants without making the skin dry.


I have been using this kamree toner for around 15 days now. It has a pleasant fresh fragrance and it does give your face a subtle glow after using it. Didn't get any breakouts after using this.


I’ve suffered with dry itchy skin to just one foot. I have Tried everything but nothing worked UNTIL Tamuna Balm WOW it’s wonderful. My skin is back to normal, no dryness or itching.


Anti-blemish Mask is a great product for blemishes and break outs. I use this once or twice a week, and I also use a tiny amount if I have a small breakout brewing. Really helps. My skin feels so soft after use.


This vitamin C facewash is miracle because after 1 month of use i get best skin texture, more brighter and smooth skin I'm really impressed. I would recommend this product it’s good refreshing face wash.


If our looking for shampoo with no harsh chemicals then you should definitely try this one. Totally safe for colour treated hair like mine. Been using this for a while and it has made my hair soft and smooth.



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