Collection: About Us

Started with the idea of finding an Asian Brand that could solve essential everyday concerns. We went in to search for a brand that had accurate and all the necessary ingredients with a complete list of compositions with transparency.

But found none!

That’s when we decided to address this issue with a range of beautifully crafted products that has the whole list of ingredients, necessary to solve all concerns related to hair, skin and eyes in a limited time.

And that’s how Kamree was born in 2020 from months of research with our cosmetology team and attempts to solve every little skin-related concern.

Our main goal is to provide visible results within a short span of time to our customers and offer readily available, affordable and value-worthly products ranging from skincare to hair care to eye care.

All the products are carefully formulated to be 100% safe, 100% cruelty-free and 100% paraben-free. They have no harsh chemicals and can simply be used daily.