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Oil Control Face Wash (Salicylic Acid, Glycolic Acid & Niacinamide) | 100 ML

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steps to use

application procedure

  • Wet Your Face

    Start by splashing your face with water.

  • Dispense

    Squeeze a small amount of your face wash onto your palm.

  • Apply to Face

    Gently massage the lather onto your face using circular motions.

  • Rinse Thoroughly

    After massaging for about 20-30 seconds, rinse your face with water.

Introducing Kamree's Oil Control Face Wash – Your Ultimate Solution for Clear, Radiant Skin! Enriched with the best acne-fighters and exfoliators, this face wash is your go-to weapon for a refreshed, balanced complexion.

What This Oil Control Face Wash Does

Oily skin feels greasy and shiny shortly after washing. It is also prone to acne, blackheads, and enlarged pores. Kamree’s oil control cleanser is a veritable boon for those with oily and combination skin. It deep cleanses your skin, controls excess oil, and improves skin texture.

What’s In

Crafted with natural ingredients like salicylic and glycolic acid, this face wash fights acne and regulates oil production. What’s more, it is also gentle on the skin leaving it soft, supple, and healthy. Here’s what makes it the ideal face wash for men and women with oily skin issues:

  • Salicylic Acid - The Acne-Fighter - Known for its acne-fighting abilities, salicylic acid is the star ingredient of this face wash for oily skin. It dives deep into pores to unclog them, prevent breakouts, and improve skin texture after regular use. Say goodbye to shiny, greasy, acne-prone skin. This face wash with salicylic acid is your ticket to a matte, shine-free look that lasts all day!
  • Glycolic Acid - Gentle Exfoliator - Glycolic acid is a gentle exfoliator that cleanses the skin and makes it firm and supple. It also hydrates the skin, reduces dark spots, and improves skin elasticity. Enjoy the benefits of this super ingredient as it purifies the skin from within to give you a soft, dewy, and fresh look.
  • Niacinamide - The Multitasker - Niacinamide is a boon to the skin with its multiple benefits. It goes beyond the surface of the skin to provide deep nourishment. Experience oil-free, clean, and clear skin with this niacinamide face wash.

What’s Out

Kamree says no to harmful chemicals like sulfates, paraben, and alcohol that hurt the skin. All our products are non-toxic, eco-friendly, and cruelty-free.

Ideal for Oily, Combination, and Acne-prone Skin Types

Ideal for oily, combination, and acne-prone skin, this face wash showcases the latest skincare innovation from India, ensuring you stay ahead in your skincare game. Its gentle yet effective formula leaves your skin feeling rejuvenated and refreshed all day.

Ideal for Men and Women

Our acne-fighting trio works wonders for men's skin too. It reduces acne breakouts, gives nourishment, and reduces excess oil to give you a clear, oil-free skin that lasts all day. These super ingredients work from within the skin and make it the ideal face wash for men and women alike.

Enriched with acne-fighting agents that provide deep nourishment, Kamree's oil control face wash is a must-have product to elevate your skincare routine. Start your journey to a clearer, healthier complexion that radiates confidence.

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Our heroes work from within to give your skin the pampering it deserves:

  • Salicylic Acid for Acne Control - Salicylic acid is a true acne-fighter. It journeys down to the deepest layers of the skin to remove dirt and impurities from the pores. It smoothens the skin, reduces acne breakouts, and improves texture by unclogging the pores. It is also effective in reducing pigmentation, redness, and skin irritation.
  • Glycolic Acid for Cleansing - Glycolic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that is used as a mild exfoliator. It works by removing the dead skin cells from the surface layers of the skin. It also promotes collagen production and prevents ingrown hairs. Combined with salicylic acid, this duo works wonders in bringing out your skin’s natural glow.
  • Niacinamide for Nourishment - The last of our trio of acne-fighters, niacinamide works in tandem with salicylic and glycolic acid to keep the skin hydrated, healthy, and supple. It dives deep into the skin's layers to lock in moisture and give your skin a dewy and fresh look. It also aids in building collagen and keratin that maintain skin firmness and elasticity. What's more, it also controls the oil production to soothe inflammation and reduce redness and acne over time. Enjoy the multiple benefits of this amazing multitasker that nourishes from within.
  1. Will it work with a combination skin tone?
    Yes, this oil control face wash is ideal for oily and combination skin as it works on fighting acne and regulating excess oil production to give you clear, healthy, and radiant skin.
  2. Can I use it regularly?
    Yes, this face wash is suitable for regular use. Follow it up with toner, moisturizer, and Sunscreen to give your skin the hydration and nourishment it needs. Add it to your skin care routine and start your journey to healthier,
    happier skin today!
  3. Will my skin feel dry after washing? 
    No, your skin will not feel dry post-wash as this face wash is gentle on the skin and does not strip the skin of its natural oils. It helps keep the skin hydrated and control excess oil production. Add this face wash to your skin care routine now and see the difference.
  4. Is it suitable for men?
    Yes, this face wash works equally well for men's skin by reducing excess oil production and maintaining hydration and nourishment to give you a matte, shine-free look.
  5. How often should I use this face wash?
    You can use an oil control face wash twice a day, morning and evening/night.
  6. Can this face wash help with acne or breakouts?
    Yes, this face wash can help unclog pores and treat acne, and reduce inflammation & redness associated with breakouts.
  7. Can it help with reducing the appearance of pores? 
    Yes, the combination of these ingredients can help minimize the appearance of enlarged pores over time.
  8. Should I follow up with other products like serums or moisturizers?
    Yes, a well-rounded skincare routine typically includes a moisturizer and possibly serums to hydrate and address specific concerns. Using sunscreen in your morning skincare routine is recommended.

Country of Origin: India

Manufactured By: Zymo Cosmetics
Block No. 115, Santej Vadsar Road, Santej-382721, Gujarat, India.

Marketed By: Kamree
#24/40 G Shaheed Bhagat Singh Nagar, Pakhowal Road, Ludhiana, Punjab.


Customer Care: 70970-99111

Oil Control Face Wash

Product Highlights



Product specs

  • Skin type

    ○ Oily
    ○ Combination
    ○ Acne prone
  • Quantity

    100 ML
  • Caution

    Always patch-test new skincare products to avoid potential allergic reactions or irritations.
  • Benefits

    ○ Deep pore cleansing
    ○ Reduce active acne
    ○ Removes oil
    ○ Prevent blackheads/whiteheads
  • When to use

    ○ Morning
    ○ Evening or Night