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A Comprehensive Approach to Winter Lip Care

A Comprehensive Approach to Winter Lip Care

The frosty winter air has a profound effect on the skin forcing us to make skin health a priority. It also calls for winter lip care and hair care that helps preserve, nourish, and revitalize them. Along with dry skin and dandruff, chapped lips are one of the most common issues in winter skin care. Our lips are one of the softest and most vulnerable parts of the body. They are also very susceptible to the harsh effects of the cold weather.
Shielding the lips from the cold weather is an important part of the winter skin care routine. Nutrition also plays a pivotal role in nourishing and protecting the lips. Most winter skin issues like chapped lips are the result of a lack of moisture or loss of essential skin oils. Taking a diet that works towards replenishing this moisture and oils also helps in keeping the skin hydrated and healthy. While topical nourishment from hydrating lip balms is necessary, balancing it with a nutritional diet can make a big difference in maintaining your lip health. Here we will discuss the common lip concerns in winter and how to use nutrition and lip care products to combat it.

What are the Most Common Winter Lip Concerns

We often forget how cold weather can damage our lip health. Winter months bring with it cold air and harsh, dry weather. This weather makes the skin on the lips lose moisture leading to drying and chapping. The low humidity and cold temperature also deplete the vital oils that keep the lips dewy and supple. Excess drying makes the lips parched and cracked and develops fissures. If not dealt with on time, this issue can escalate and cause your lips to sting and burn. Along with a nourishing lip balm, we also need to make some changes in our diet to preserve lip health.

How Nutrition Helps Improve Lip Health

Our lips need some essential nutrients to stay healthy and plump. Vitamins A, C, and E contribute a lot towards keeping your skin healthy and hydrated. Vitamin A is helpful in soothing irritated, flaky skin. It contains Retinol which protects the skin from sun damage and harsh environmental effects. Vitamin C has anti-aging properties helps fight free radicals and encourages the repair and regeneration of lip tissues. Vitamin A prevents the loss of the lip’s vital oils and Omega-3 fatty acids help keep them hydrated and soft. It is ideal for treating chapped, dehydrated lips.

However, knowing which nutrients nourish the lips is not enough. You also need to incorporate these nutrients into your daily routine. Eat food and fruits rich in these vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids like nuts, leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, fortified cereals, etc.

Winter Lip Care Tips

Winter Lip Care

Hydrate Your Lips

The main reason for lip issues in winter is dryness. You can easily avoid parched lips if you keep them properly hydrated throughout winter. Add nutrient-rich food to your diet to supplement vitamins and minerals that promote lip hydration. Also, include a moisturizing lip balm in your lip care routine for hydrating lip treatment.

Exfoliate Regularly

Our lips also have dead skin cells forming a layer on the surface which prevents the nutrients from reaching the deeper layers. Exfoliating regularly removes this dead skin and brings forth soft, dewy lips. Exfoliate twice a week with a mild lip scrub and follow it with a nourishing lip balm for deep hydration. You can also go for a winter lip care kit with a balm and scrub duo that exfoliates and revitalizes from within.

Protect from Sun Damage

Winter means a lack of heat and warmth but it does not mean that the harmful sun rays affect the skin any less. The UV rays harm the lips too making them dry and dark. Just like using a mineral sunscreen to protect your body, lips need sun protection too. Try a lip balm with SPF to protect from the harsh sun. You should also avoid harmful ingredients and skin irritants that lead to rashes and redness.

Best Winter Lip Care Products

The most potent products for lip care in winter are lip balms with chemical emollients like petrolatum, lanolin, dimethicone, etc., or natural substances like shea butter, cocoa butter, beeswax, essential oils, etc. If you have excessively dry lips, opt for soothing, replenishing products with shea butter, coconut oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, etc. Kamree lip balm has the best nourishing oils and emollients that can revitalize and replenish your lips.


The secret to soft, supple, luscious lips in winter is hydration. While lip care products like lip balms and scrubs nourish topically, your lips need internal nourishment too. Adding nutrient-rich food to your diet can supplement the loss of vital oils and nutrients due to the harsh weather. A balanced interplay of nutrition and skin care products can help your lips stay soft, velvety, and dewy all winter. Prioritize winter lip care by updating your diet and using a nourishing lip balm like Kamree’s lip balm for everyday lip rejuvenation.

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